Happy Valentines Day Bengali SMS Messages Wishes 2017

Happy Valentines Day Bengali SMS Messages Wishes 2017 - hey Guys we are back again this time we are going to share Happy Valentines Day Bengali SMS Messages Wishes 2017. So see the collection and enjoy we hope that you will like it !

How to say I LOVE YOU this valentines Day 2017 ? This is very easy which can change your life. Before expressing love to someone build some passion, desperation and emotion so that it gets you easy to say I Love You. If you say I love you to him or her this will add your life with another crucial person in your life. Express your heart out and imagine that you both are made for each other. Your heart may beat very fast but don't loose hope and patience. 

Happy Valentines Day Bengali SMS Messages Wishes 2017

Lover Boy>>>
Darling amar kaane te kichu halka….
Kichu narom,,,,,
kichu misti bolo!
Happy Valentines Day….

The Eskimos had
52 names for snow
Cozz it was important to them:
There ought to–be as many for love….
Love You Have A Good Valentines Day,,

Jani na ke kal kothai robe!!!!!
?????Ki pabe ar ki harabe,,,,
Diner shese jokhon eshe????
Chobe amay dhusor aaaalo…>>>
Bhabbo aammii ekkla bose????
<<bappa -2 -u..>>
Bondhura sob ache bhalo……
Happy Valentines Day bondo..

Wish You My Friend..
Have a Happy Valentines day…
>>Love is a promise,
love is a souvenir,
once given never forgotten,
never let it disappear.>>

Aai Monn chai sudddu tomaiii Valobasi,..
Aai Monn chai sudddu tomaiii Valobasi,..
Aai Monn chai suddu tomaaar kacha Aasi,
Aai Monn chai tumaaar mukherr akto Hasssi,..
Aai Monn chai sudddu thakte tumar Pasapasi…
Happy Valentines Day 2017…

what is love ????
Love seeks one thing only,
The good of the one loved.
It leaves all the other secondary
Effects to take care of themselves.
Love, therefore…..
is its own reward….

Oru vasantha kalaaam,
Bhoomiyil Niraye pookal parimalam parathunnu….
Padathoo kunjiii kilikall virunnu vannu….
aaa pular kalathu nee ente veetilekku vannu .
appol naajan eente vathilll ninnakai turannnu.???
ninte kaikal enteee nere neendu vannuuu..
Happy Valentines Day 2017 …!

Naaa jeeena naa sunaaa kokhono,…
Diyo nako mon.
Valo kore aage take jane nao,
…Sa kamon doron.,,,
Aabeg ta komia aalap…
ta jomia aage jena nao…
tar vator goron..
Pore dio Mon!..
Happy Valentines Day…

Love is a symbol of eternity…..
….It wipes out all sense of time
Destroying all memory of….
…A beginning & All fear of an end..
Happy Happy Valentines Day My Sweet Dear…

Joto Bhalobasa peyechiiii tomaaaar kach thake…
…Dustu aaii monn chaai aaaro besssi pete…
ki jaaaani tomaaar modhe ki achhe>>>>>???
…ke mon chai tomake aro besi kore kache pete>>>???

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