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Happy *Rose~ Day Love SMS Wishes 2017 Valentines Day

Happy Rose Day Love SMS Wishes 2017 :  Hello friends, we all known that the valentine’s day is very important day for boys, girls and couples. The valentine’s day is celebrated each and every year in the month 14th February. In Valentine’s week, first we celebrate “Rose Day”. On this day boys and girls wish Happy Rose Day to each other. You all known that this special day is coming near, all couples want to make this Rose Day 2017 very special. For this rose day we have some fresh and latest collection like fresh flowers on Happy Rose Day. In this article we are going to provide you the latest and unique collection on Happy Rose Day 2017 Love SMS Wishes, Rose Day Love SMS Wishes, Happy Rose Day 2017 Love SMS Wishes and Rose Day 2017 Love SMS Wishes.

You all have perfect opportunity to celebrate this Rose Day, you can also send and share these Rose Day 2017 Wishes with your special friends, girlfriend, special ones, best friends, college friends, childhood friends, school friends, also you can post and share on different social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Whatsapp, Hike, Wechat, Line etc. Now without wasting your time, check out the latest and unique Happy Rose Day Love SMS Wishes 2017 given down below.

Happy Rose Day 2017 Love SMS Wishes

These we have some latest and unique collection on Rose Day 2017 Wishes, we are sharing with you.

There is no feeling more
Comforting @nd consoling
th@n knowing you @re right
next to the one you love.
Happy Rose Day SMS for Lover

If @ perfumed rose
touches your F@ce,
If your mobile
D@nces On @ Nice Tone..
Remember Its Me Trying To
S@y you..
~::Happy Rose Day::~

With this rose,
I reve@l @ll my
Thoughts @nd feelings @bout you
Th@t I h@ve withheld for so long.
I feel when I @m with you..
I @m like @ rose,
Not bec@use of its be@uty,
Bec@use I @m @ble to bloom
@nd grow with you....

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Everyone likes the rose pet@ls
But not the green sep@ls
which protects it in its
budding st@ge, simil@rly
Everyone loves the be@utiful
f@ces but not those who
spend life in m@king others be@utiful.
Rose Day 2017 SMS

I love you j@nnu.....
@...this rose is
only for you..
It donsent m@tter
this is re@l or
not but my feelings
@re re@l so I Luv you.
~::Happy Rose Day::~

Flowers @re Very Soft, Dont
Touch Them With H@rd H@nds,
Simil@rly Feelings @re
So Soft Like Flowers,
Dont Touch Them With H@rsh

Fr@gr@nce @lw@ys rem@ins
in the h@nds of those
who distribute roses.
Happy Rose Day 2017 Wishes

Phool b@nk@r musk@r@n@ zind@gi,
musk@r@ke gum bhul@n@ zind@gi,
jeet k@r koi khush ho to ky@ hu@,
h@@r k@r khushiy@ m@n@n@ bhi zind@gi..
~::Happy Rose Day::~

With this rose,
I’m not only give you merely @ rose,
But I give you my he@rt @nd soul.
I send to you @ll the love I h@ve to give,
@nd @nything else th@t would give me the
Ch@nce to touch your he@rt.

Sweet short mess@ge
by @ True Lover
I @m M@D for her,
But I @m not M@DE for her.
Happy Rose Day SMS for Girlfriend

With Every Be@t Of My He@rt, I
Will Love You More @nd More,
@fter Ye@rs Of Togetherness This
Is My Solemn Vow For You, My Love!
~::Happy Rose Day::~

I @m in @ imb@l@nce st@te of mind
Wh@t to give you becoz there
is nothing more be@utiful &
Sweeter Th@n You.

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