Friday, 1 January 2016

Cute Valentine SMS

Ignite the spark in your love life by expressing your deepest feelings of love and passion. If you are those shy types then sending a lovey-dovey text to your lover on Valentine's Day will be a good idea to put across your feelings.

It is the day when you can open your heart out and show your care, love and concern for your partner. Cute Valentine SMS will help you put your emotions into words that will soothe the soul of your partner and create a lasting impression.

Give expressions to your deep feelings of affection to the person you have been eyeing since long by sending cute love-filled text messages and let him know how you feel.

If you could read my eyes then you would have known that there is an ocean of love waiting for you to take a dip in it.

There is nothing more that I miss than you,
Nothing more that I need in life than you.
No one whom I love so much but you
And I want you to know that this love will last forever, my Valentine. Send Email

Your love holds the guiding light on dark roads
Show me the right direction when I am lost
Becomes the shadow when I walk alone
And Leads me To My Soul. Send Email

Your love has not let me relax and now I have taken the pledge to not rest till I get your love.

You may find a friend who will walk with you
You may find a guide who will show you new ways
You may find a teacher who will lead you on tough roads
But you will never find a true lover like me who will always be with you

Come be my Valentine and give “love” a beautiful meaning.
You are the one who makes me cry and also knows how to make me smile
You are my strength and also my weakness
You are the one who can make or break my mood
You are my valentine with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life.

If you come into my life and make me your Valentine then better ensure that you stay till the last of the time.

Breathe fresh air into my life with your love, my Valentine and let that love stay in my life forever. Send Email

If I were to die today, I would spend the rest of the day with you, wrapped around in your arms, hugging and kissing you tightly and praying silently to be your love in my next life.

Listen to your heart for once. I'll be there no matter what, no matter when ... all you need to do is call me and trust me. Do you trust me? Because I trust you. My Valentine wishes are with you at every step and every breath.

I want to be your Valentine because there is not a single second that goes by when I don't think about you as mine. Let me be yours as I've taken you for me.

Do you even know the effect you have on me? I can't sleep, eat, drink, watch TV or even look around without needing your presence around me. Is something wrong with me or is it because of my love for you?


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